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Become a fit, strong & baDASS vegan

Without having to worry about getting enough protein, missing out on nutrients or feeling weak...

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Robin Good

Vegan Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Founder of the Built By Plants Academy


Learn with our up-to-date and science-based methods how to make the progress of your lifetime and become the fittest and healthiest version possible!
  • Gain muscle and strenghten your body
  • Burn fat efficiently and get rid of those "bad spots"
  • Transform your body successfully and get the life you deserve
With our experience and dozens of success stories we know what it will take for you to get into the shape of your life! 


Become a fit, healthy and "badass" looking vegan that proves them all wrong!

"From low to high carb, -7kg & increased energy"

  • Problem: Mirko tried many thing in tha past unsuccessfully. He believed that low carb is the way to a healthy bodyweight and muscle gain.
  • Solution: We optimized his nutrition, increased carbs signigficantly and put him on a proper workout program.
  • Result: -7kg on the scale, visible muscle development and better energy levels than in the last 15 years!


"I feel good again and
ook even better."

  • Problem: Thomas came out of a knee injury and wanted to get back in shape. But everything while keep running his business with full attention.
  • Solution: We optimized his nutrition, implemented efficient workouts and structured it well to his busy schedule.
  • Result: He has more energy, lost 6,5kg of belly fat, while gaining muscle and feeling his best! 

- Thomas

"I feel and perform
like 25 again!"

  • Problem: Even that Pascal was already very into sports he struggled to get his body fat down effectively.
  • Solution: We optimized his nutrition, implemented some new habits and structured it well to his busy schedule.
  • Result: He increased his sports performance massively, drops the body fat he was fighting with and feels like 25 again.

- Pascal

"I lost 30kg and
regained my health!"

  • Problem: Charly didn't know what it takes to be successful. He tried many things in the past that didn't work.
  • Solution: We implemented a personalized step by step process that is simple, effective and sustainable
  • Result: He lost over 30kg, developed healthy habits and regained his health while increasing his life quality daily

- Charly


  • Problem: A collaboration of some clients of mine that weren't where they wanted to be in their health & fitness journey
  • Solution: Simplifying nutrtion and training to lose weight, burn fat and strenghen the body efficiently were implemented.
  • Result: Not only physical transformations happened, but also great successes involved in other areas of life such as relationships, business and much more!


"I haven't made a progress like this in years!"

  • Problem: Nando was already working out for years and eating "healthy", but not in a very structured way.
  • Solution: By optimizing his nutrition and workout regime we improved his shape extremely within just a few months.
  • Result: Now he is in great shape and finally gets the payoff for the work he's putting in next to running his business.

- Nando


looking in the mirror and being able to say:
"I made it"



  • You'll get a crystal clear game-plan that helps you see how you can reach your goals realistically, once and for all.
  • Quit those draining methods that don't bring you the results you want and only keep exhausting you.
  • You'll get the perfect nutrition & fitness strategies for your individual situation that will help you progress every single day!



  • Dedicated vegans who are ready to get into the best shape
  • Transitioning people who are looking to improve health & fitness
  • Anyone who wants to improve their body, health & life with
    plant based foods
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"We're not doing half baked things here."

Robin Good is responsible for over 100 transformations and success stories


Please be aware of: Our academy has
only limited spots available.

Our Coaching is highly
in demand

To work with us, an application is required. In a FREE discovery call, we'll find out which strategies are best for your current situation and what game plan will help you to get YOUR big breakthrough.

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I'm not fully vegan/plant-based yet. Can I still join the Academy?

Absolutely! As long as you're ready to move towards a plant based/centered diet you're highly welcome. The will is what counts!

Will this work for me if I'm a bit older?

Absolutely. In fact we found our clients in their 50s and 60s are even more committed, because they feel the health consequences of unhealthy nutrition and training.
We tailor the approach to your situation.

Can I do the program even if I have a tight schedule? Work, kids and frequent events...

As a busy entrepreneur I totally understand your concern. But here’s the truth, there will never be a perfect time to start your journey. Our top clients usually work 12 hour days and are busy go getters and it actually serves them to have a bit less time — because now she is forced to focus to only do the things that work best and waste no time.
So yes, you can absolutely do this with young kids and/or with a full time job/. You will simply need to work smarter, not harder. We will show you how.
In our coaching program, we believe in the F.I.O., Figure It Out along the way strategy, or in other words, commit first, figure out the rest later. Because as you get older, it won’t get easier to get in shape.
Bottom line: Successful people do not negotiate their dreams around circumstances, which makes right now as good a time as any to get started.

How fast will I see results? (like losing weight or changing appearance)

You will see and feel the first results within a few weeks! Our strategies are built to be as efficient as possible while building the foundation to do this long-term.

What makes this different from a workout plan and a meal plan?

If a workout plan and meal plan would get someone the results they're looking for, we would have only fit people in this world. Unfortunately that's not reality and we have to work on all areas that matter.
We help with the plan, mindset, nutrition, workout programming, accountability, and all other connected areas that will lead to a successful transformation.
We don't do workout plans, we do life-changing transformations!
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